Analytics That Act

 Go Beyond Analytics with Automated Streaming Optimization

MediaMelon is the only streaming video analytics solution that acts. Why settle for analytics that only report or alert, and then provide diagnostics that require your tech ops team to act? MediaMelon’s SmartPlay Streaming technology solution actually improves video playback quality automatically for both video-on-demand (VOD) and live playback.

Our OTT Analytics is Based on Proprietary MOS Profile

Additionally, MediaMelon scores every video in real-time with a proprietary MOS* profile that is used by the video player to make dynamic ABR (adaptive bitrate) and playback decisioning based on the actual video content, scene complexity, device characteristics, and network conditions.

No Compromise on Quality and Network Costs

If your video players are relying only on buffer monitoring and network conditions to make ABR switching decisions, then you are compromising on quality and network costs.

Analytics that Act is Based on iMOS Metric

Bitrate and resolution are great leading indicators for understanding video quality, but only SmartPlay QBR technology can actually understand and score the perceived quality of every video frame in every title using its proprietary iMOS metric to both optimize delivery costs, while also maximize QoE, and reduce buffering.

OTT video analytics that act - Smartsight and Smartplay

Streaming services can go beyond buffer management alone with MediaMelon’s SmartPlay that computes the actual visual quality of experience of every moment for every session and device to complement and enhance existing buffering reduction techniques.

In our next blog post, we will dive into both how iMOS is computed and how your video players can use this data to make better ABR decisions that simultaneously improve QoE and optimize network delivery costs.

MediaMelon SmartPlay and SmartSight go beyond traditional QoE Analytics solutions to offer “Analytics that Act”™

* A Mean Opinion Score (MOS) in streaming is a numerical measure of the human-judged overall quality of a video session. iMOS is MediaMelon’s proprietary implementation of the score rendered as a very low latency service for every VOD and live video served by an OTT publisher.