QBR = ABR 2.0

MediaMelon recognizes the investment that you have in your current ABR (adaptive bitrate) streaming platform and the challenges replacing it would entail. That’s why we developed a way to fundamentally improve your existing ABR without requiring significant ecosystem changes.

As its name suggests, ABR is focused on bitrates. This addressed the problem of videos buffering when network conditions didn’t match the video bandwidth requirements. Instead of asking the viewer to select a resolution and hope that it would play without buffering, content is encoded at several standard bit rates and the player adjusts to changing network conditions in real time. At encoding time the quality is allowed to vary in order to achieve the desired bitrate. This allows for a simple standardized player, but at the expense of visually objectionable variations in quality.

Our solution is to enhance the way that ABR works by providing quality-related information to the player in addition to the existing bitrate information, enabling it to make better bitrate choices and more effective use of the existing buffer. The result is a reduction in overall bitrate requirements and a significant reduction in content quality variance. These improvements translate to dramatic cost reductions for you, and significant quality of experience improvements for your viewers.

MediaMelon is leading the way in advocating this approach, with our recently introduced MediaMelon QBR™ technology. It’s “ABR 2.0” – improving upon today’s widely deployed standard, paving the way for HD and 4K streaming content on today’s networks, and supporting demand for increasing video volume to mobile devices within spectrum congested cellular networks.