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MediaMelon presented at the Divitel TV and Video Application Lifecycle Event

MediaMelon presented at a panel discussion at the Divitel TV and Video Application Lifecycle Event & 20th Anniversary on Nov 2nd at Apeldoorn, NL.

During the discussions and one on one conversations MediaMelon presented:

Our innovative product QBR SmartStreaming, which enables OTT TV services to achieve bandwidth savings of upto 30% while delivering higher quality video streams.

SmartSight the AI-powered OTT TV analytics solution, with built-in & customizable Dashboards, Alerts, and Microscope Zoom-in feature, that are tailored for real-time & predictive Quality of Experience, Customer Engagement plus Advertisement Analytics, and addresses the needs across the board of an OTT TV service.


To learn about our innovative products QBR SmartStreaming and SmartSight contact us at https://www.mediamelon.com/contact