A Big Thank You ! for Meeting MediaMelon at IBC 2017

Thank you for joining us at IBC 2017 from September 15 to 19, 2017. We hope that you are now as excited as us,  about Content Aware Streaming and Quality of Experience Analytics with our innovative products: 

QBR SmartStreaming and SmartSight


MediaMelon QBR SmartStreaming delivers a premium Quality of Experience while reducing streaming costs with content aware streaming technology and bandwidth efficiency.

SmartSight Analytics.png



MediaMelon SmartSight delivers advanced analytics that allows you to monitor, manage and grow the streaming video service.

MediaMelon QBR and MediaMelon SmartSight are essential tools for the next generation of streaming video providers. These technologies work with industry standard encoders, players and CDNs.

Stream Smarter with MediaMelon

Kat Lim