MediaMelon’s IBC 2019 Highlights

Analytics That Act

Product demos at IBC 2019The International Broadcaster’s Conference (IBC) is the world’s most influential media, entertainment, and technology show, and MediaMelon Inc. has been proud to be a part of it for the past few years now. This year, we hosted over 150 customer meetings, product demos, analyst meetings, and more, with many interesting trends in quality of experience (QoE) optimization and streaming video analytics emerging from these discussions.

Real Time Analysis at Session Level

client meetings at IBC 2019

There is a growing interest in having a 360 degree view of the advertising ecosystem correlating to the session, title and subscriber playback, as well as having the same level of insight into the quality of experience of each advertisement as is present for the video content itself. What’s more, there is a need for more real time analysis at the session level to help analyze the root cause of customer experience issues as they occur, and to help predict these issues in order to proactively intervene. MediaMelon is excited to be leading development in all of these areas.


SmartSight Analytics Demo at IBC 2019

IBC was a great platform to talk about our SmartSight Analytics, complementing our existing Analytics that Act solution called SmartPlay QBR Technology, an experience optimization solution that makes any video player content-aware and therefore able to make decisions based on last mile situations. The combination of these provides an industry-first solution that informs and acts on the technical QoE aspects of OTT delivery, as well as perceptive experience to improve consistency and quality of playback, as well as to reduce buffering while significantly reducing costs.

Focussed at Cost Control for OTT Streaming Providers

The consistent theme among all of our successful meetings at IBC was the need of these streaming providers to control costs as OTT continues to grow.  This cost management needs to happen while also improving QoE, and tailoring the quality of experience to wherever the viewer is watching – something that both SmartSight and SmartPlay delivers to MediaMelon customers.

talking about existing analytics that act solution

How MediaMelon’s SmartPlay Helps Improve Playback Quality

We were honored to have Simon Orme, our Head of Partnerships present at the IBC Content Everywhere Hub where he was part of the industry panel discussing how MediaMelon’s SmartPlay helps improve playback quality while managing delivering costs.  MediaMelon’s sales team has expanded rapidly this year to keep up with the growing demand for our solutions, and IBC was a wonderful venue to showcase this.

Video Interview by Our Founder and CEO

video interview of our founder and CEO

We also heard from our founder and CEO, Kumar Subramanian, in a video interview right on the show floor. Kumar explained the important problem MediaMelon is solving with our sophisticated technology and touched upon some challenges OTT providers encounter that must be solved. 

OTT video analytics solution at IBC 2019

We at MediaMelon Help OTT Service Providers Manage Costs

Another IBC in the books for MediaMelon, and we are excited to look ahead at continuing to help OTT providers manage costs, while also improve quality of playback.