Mobile video consumption is exploding, with some estimates showing half of all video plays moving to mobile devices.  This usage strains mobile networks and blows through customer data caps. Mobile operators need to entice these valuable mobile video consumers while controlling the burdens on their infrastructure. Unlike video throttling which indiscriminately caps the resolution of streaming video, MediaMelon QBR™ can cut bandwidth use while maintaining and even improving quality.

Manage Bandwidth and Infrastructure Costs

Instead of throttling or capping video streaming for binge video customers, mobile operators and video services can use QBR to dynamically adjust bitrate to save 30-50% bandwidth while keeping quality high. MediaMelon does this by combining visual quality analysis with adaptive streaming algorithms to more efficiently allocate bits between simple and complex scenes. Each mobile player will only download at high bitrates when needed for difficult scenes, preserving mobile capacity for other users. QBR can be adjusted dynamically to increase savings during peak usage times, squeezing more life out of the existing wireless infrastructure.

Improves Quality

Not only does QBR save bandwidth but it can boost bitrate for the most difficult scenes when channel capacity allows. Using perceptual analysis and playback buffer management, QBR reduces visible artifacts without causing any stalls or compatibility problems.