MediaMelon Enables Operators to Supercharge the Performance of their OTT Streaming Services

Cloud-based platform – using perceptual video quality to provide OTT operators with personalized streaming, analytics and multi-CDN capabilities – to be demonstrated at NAB 2019

San Francisco, CA – March 14, 2019 – MediaMelon today announced that the suite of products currently used by a number of the world’s largest direct-to-consumer video service providers to enhance the performance of their OTT platforms will be demonstrated for the first time on the NAB Show floor in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 8 through 12, 2019 at Booth SU11010. MediaMelon’s solutions are designed to help operators deliver the high quality-of-experience levels that media consumers have come to expect from OTT services, while also helping operators remain cost-competitive, and provide clear visibility of the actual video experience delivered to their viewers. MediaMelon’s cloud-based solution overlays easily on top of existing OTT platforms, bridging the gap between the headend system and each subscriber’s media player. The platform provides OTT service providers with enhanced capabilities for:

·         Streaming – influencing the bitrates used by individual players to significantly reduce the bandwidth operators need to deliver their streams, while simultaneously improving the perceived quality of the video delivered

·         Analytics – delivering real-time quality-of-experience and system performance data from each individual viewer’s usage, providing actionable operational and business analytics to a very granular level

·         Multi-CDN enabling the implementation of a unified multi-CDN architecture to provide sophisticated network cost and availability management that can be manipulated on a media player-by-player basis

“MediaMelon believes in the future of internet video. The company was established to help OTT operators to deliver the best possible quality-of-experience to their users in the most cost-effective ways possible,” said Kumar Subramanian, CEO of MediaMelon. “By closing the loop between the OTT headend and client players, we are able to provide streaming, analytics, and robust content delivery that is optimized for each device type, each network type and each individual user. By tuning streaming and data gathering on a user-by-user basis rather than a system wide basis, we can help operators really optimize performance for each subscriber.”

MediaMelon will be showcasing all three components of its content-aware OTT streaming platform at NAB: 

·         SmartPlay Streaming™ uses MediaMelon’s patented QBR® technology to boost the performance of traditional adaptive bitrate streaming, while remaining compliant with all of the standard streaming protocols. SmartPlay allows each media player in an operator’s network to become aware of the perceptual video quality of the streams being delivered – both live and on-demand – and use this to make more intelligent decisions about the best bitrate to use. Operators can use the system to both drive down bandwidth as well as the cost of delivering content, and to increase the visual quality of content delivered. SmartPlay bridges the gap between the encoding system and the players in the network, allowing per device and per session optimization of streams

·         SmartSight Analytics™ is a feature-complete video analytics platform that uses perceptual video quality analysis to provide OTT operators with the most accurate quality-of-experience data possible, allowing deep insights in to the user’s actions, and providing actionable business and operational analytics

·         SmartRoute Multi-CDN™ allows operators to combine two or more CDNs to create a fluid, robust CDN system that maximizes uptime and minimizes cost. Unlike many other multi-CDN systems, SmartRoute monitors CDN performance at the media player level. Each player in the network can receive the next data block from any of the CDNs to which it is attached. The MediaMelon solution enables players to switch mid-stream, as well as from packet-to-packet. The SmartRoute control system can be programmed with a variety of business rules, such as those that ensure CDN minimum bandwidth commitments are met. The system then guides individual players in the network to use the CDN that makes the most business and operational sense  

Measuring Perceptual Video Quality for a Better Viewing Experience

While a higher encoded bitrate for each video stream can act as a proxy for better visual quality, it's not a smart solution when bandwidth or the cost of streaming is an issue. MediaMelon's QBR technology optimizes use of bandwidth by understanding the actual visual quality implications of each encoded video content stream. Video metadata generated via analysis of live and on-demand content is used to assist the behavior of each media player resulting in superior streaming performance and a better viewing experience.

About MediaMelon

MediaMelon smart streaming solutions optimize the delivery of online video, enabling content and service providers to improve performance, increase revenues, and enhance quality of experience. MediaMelon solutions include patented video quality enhancement technology, intelligent content routing, and analytics. Visit for more information.

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