MediaMelon to Demonstrate Content-Aware Streaming Technology at CableLabs Winter Conference

MediaMelon QBR technology to be featured in demonstrations at upcoming cable industry event

San Francisco — February 3, 2016 — MediaMelon, the smart streaming company, today announced its participation in the upcoming CableLabs Winter Conference taking place in Orlando, Florida from February 9-12. At the conference, MediaMelon will showcase its MediaMelon QBR™ technology, which can enhance video quality and lower bandwidth requirements for streaming by 35%, improving upon existing adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology without disrupting the video workflow. The dramatic improvements offered by QBR pave the way for new services such as 4K (UHD) on today’s networks, while also lowering storage costs for service providers.

This demonstration will showcase:

  • Video streamed to a player with a superimposed graph showing normal ABR and enhanced QBR, detailing the bitrate allocations and expected cost reductions.
  • Sample use cases to describe how implementing QBR translates to real business benefits and cost savings for cable operators.
  • A comprehensive analytics dashboard, including metrics showing the quality improvement, cost reduction and business model impact.

“The CableLabs conferences showcase the latest innovations for MVPDs, such as MediaMelon QBR technology,” said Kumar Subramanian, MediaMelon CEO. “The key benefit we offer is that QBR can dramatically improve video quality while lowering streaming costs, without any substantive changes to the current workflow; in other words, we are not introducing any new compression techniques, streaming formats or re-processing the video. We are bringing a high-impact technology that delivers a quantum improvement in streaming performance, using available network capacity to push quality instead of just more bits, without adding complexity to the equation.”

MediaMelon QBR technology is at the heart of the MediaMelon Qubit™ solutions, available as a managed service for QBR-optimized real-time or VOD service delivery. QBR substantially improves today’s ABR technology by means of rapid scene analysis, content characterization, perceptual quality mapping and advanced buffer management techniques. These solutions integrate seamlessly into the existing video workflow, via SDKs implemented in encoders and video players. MediaMelon solutions are compatible with all major streaming formats including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-DASH, HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS) and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

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About MediaMelon

MediaMelon smart streaming solutions optimize Internet video quality and resource utilization, enabling content and service providers to dramatically improve performance, increase revenues and enhance quality of experience. MediaMelon solutions include patented video quality enhancement technology, intelligent content routing and analytics that create a global software fabric for efficient video streaming. Visit for more information.


Amanda Carboni
Media Relations for MediaMelon