SmartSight Platform - enabling Streaming Intelligence

The SmartSight Platform provides a foundation for all streaming intelligence solutions. With a cloud-native and API-first architecture, the SmartSight Platform offers a comprehensive, flexible and secure platform for business focused tools that optimize video service delivery.

SmartSight Platform

SmartSight Platform Architecture

Data acquisition is comprehensive, accurate and objective by design, relying on close integration with video player partners across the broadest range of global device types. Additional data is sourced from CMS, ad-insertion, and iMOS video quality tools.

The data platform itself is fully scalable and secure. Cloud storage enables access to almost unbounded resources, with close to 100% availability. Security and privacy are maintained through a carefully graduated account management hierarchy across different roles and use cases—integrated, if required, with 3rd party directory services and SSO mechanisms.

Agility/openness is guaranteed through a fundamental layer of API services that underpin both control and data access. This rich API layer not only supports native solution tools, but integration with 3rd-party resources, tools, and services.

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