MediaMelon has partnered with industry-leading players and platform providers to deliver real-time predictive analytics solution that provides actionable monitoring and deep analysis of subscribers, content, advertising, network and QoE performance.

Radiant Media Player

Radiant Media Player is a fast and fully-featured HTML5 video player that embraces the way we consume content in our digital age: everyday, everywhere, on every device. Radiant Media Player will let you reach the online video space (websites, mobile apps, desktop & OTT apps) while cutting cost and delivering a top-notch viewing experience.


THEOplayer, THEO Technologies’ flag ship product is one single player component which allows you to play video on every device and on any platform. Next to its web player, also SDKs for iOS, Android, Chromecast Receiver App, tvOS, Android TV, Roku, Tizen and FireTV are available. THEOplayer is not just a player, it is pre-integrated with the most popular streaming, analytics, DRM and advertising solutions, making it simpler and cost efficient to design, build, maintain and upgrade your video streaming infrastructure.

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