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MediaMelon SmartSight is a real-time predictive analytics solution that provides actionable insights related to audience engagement, streaming performance and automated playback optimization for use by marketing, engineering, operations and customer support teams within OTT service providers.

SmartSight for Ads

Improve video ad monetization with SmartSight for Ads to improve fill-rates and yields while reducing ad related issues.   Ad failures and delivery issues often go unnoticed due to the complex infrastructure and ecosystem involved.  These issues cause reduced monetizaion because fewer ad impressions are being successfully served and is compounded by a reduction in viewing experience leading to content abandonment and viewer churn.


MediaMelon’s SmartPlay solution uses perceptual video quality information generated by our QBR® Technology to enhance the playback performance of all types of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming. The solution results in better playback, reduced buffering and lower streaming costs, and will work with existing streaming workflows without the need to modify the encoder, CDN or player ecosystems.

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