SmartPlay Streaming TM

OTT Quality of Experience Enhancement

MediaMelon’s SmartPlay solution uses perceptual video quality information generated by our QBR® Technology to enhance the playback performance of all types of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming. The solution results in better playback, reduced buffering and lower streaming costs, and will work with existing streaming workflows without the need to modify the encoder, CDN or player ecosystems.

Enhancing ABR Performance

SmartPlay uses advanced streaming technology to enhance the QoE performance of all types of ABR delivery. It does not require OTT operators to change the way they encode their content, or to re-encode the assets that are already in their library. Instead we provide ABR players with information about the perceptual video quality of the assets and streams that have been encoded, information that does not exist in standard ABR implementations. MediaMelon-enabled players can then use that information to greatly improve the Quality of Experience they deliver for each and every user session.


Reduces Rebuffering Incidents

by better accommodating variations in network bandwidth

Enhances Video Quality

on complex scenes where users are most likely to notice the problems caused by bandwidth limitation.

Improves the Mean Opinion Score

of your streams to increase the overall experience for all users throughout each session

Reduces Streaming Costs

by 35% while simultaneously delivering these Quality of Experience enhancements

Tailors Delivery to Each User

allowing performance to be optimized based on device type, location, as well as network connectivity

Selective Activation

based on content, users and device types means SmartPlay enhancements can be focused on problem areas initially before being more widely deployed Reduces Rebuffering Incidents by better accommodating variations

OTT Platform Compatibility

  • API-Enabled microservice allows SmartPlay to be overlayed onto any existing OTT workflow
  • Streaming Technology not encoding technology means there is no need to re-encode content
  • Compatible with key MPEG compression schemes including H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC
  • Compatible with all HTTP streaming formats including MPEG-DASH; Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)
  • Supports OnDemand and Live Services for use with VOD and linear platforms
  • Post-encode Content Characterization via a Content Analyzer available as a docker instance or as a cloud based web-service
  • Player Integration via SDK or API with support for all leading commercial and open-source media players

Product Overview

Learn more about how SmartPlay Streaming can help you enhance the OTT user experience you delivery to your customers, and at the same time reduce your operational costs

Want to discuss how SmartPlay Streaming can Enhance QoE for your OTT Service?

SmartSight AnalyticsTM

MediaMelon SmartPlay uses perceptual video quality information to enhance the playback performance of all types of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming.

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