As the quantity, quality and reach of online video grows to augment traditional broadcast, video providers will need to add tools to their kit to support global, carrier grade distribution.  In this growing industry, the Content Delivery Network plays an essential role in getting content to the end user.  However, the CDN is also both a primary cost and a singular failure point.  For streaming businesses that want to grow their reliability, audience and global footprint, a multi-CDN strategy and management system is essential.

Manage Streaming Costs

One of the obvious goals of a Multi-CDN system is to reduce streaming costs. However, this is not an easy calculation or methodology, as you need to make traffic routing decisions based on numerous business and analytics rules. With MediaMelon SmartRoute, the Content Routing System dynamically sends traffic down the optimal path based on programmed rules and rates, combined with real-time and historical performance data.  

Improve Quality and Avoid Downtime

Using MediaMelon’s SmartSight™analytics and video experience monitoring technology, video traffic can start to be rerouted around bottlenecks as soon as problems are detected or when programmed thresholds are exceeded.  With Quality of Experience tracking and alarms, customer experience can be optimized while keeping costs in check.


Deploy Globally

No single CDN is ideal for all markets.  As your streaming business broadens across regions, the ability to distribute and route traffic is key to a high quality experience. With SmartRoute, CDNs can be added, and evaluated, with ease.

Data Driven

Central to these routing decisions is the video QoE monitoring of MediaMelon SmartSight Analytics. It tracks real-time and historical streaming performance to optimize the video experience, detect problems and enable cost/benefit analysis. Data is collected by monitoring playback performance and streaming speeds across your markets, breaking down performance in a variety of categories across CDNs, ISPs, devices and geographies. This all is fed into SmartRoute to automate and improve content routing.

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