SmartRoute Multi-CDN Routing

Automate your Multi-CDN Strategy

Proactive Experience and Cost Management

As the quantity, quality and reach of online video grows, providers need to proactively offer the highest possible quality and most reliable experience to their customers.  In this growing industry, the Content Delivery Network plays an essential role in getting content to the end user.  However, the CDN is the primary cost driver and also a single point of failure.

For streaming businesses that want to grow their reliability, resilience and ultimately audience satisfaction, a multi-CDN strategy and management system is essential.

Manage Streaming Costs


One of the primary goals of any Multi-CDN solution is to reduce streaming costs, however this is not an easy calculation or methodology as traffic routing decisions are made based on business as well as experience and analytics rules. With MediaMelon SmartRoute, the Content Routing System dynamically sends traffic to the most optimal CDN based on programmed rules and rates, to adhere to your business rules as well as from performance information based on real-time and historical data that has been captured.

Improve Quality and Avoid Downtime


Using MediaMelon SmartRoute technology, video traffic can start to be rerouted around bottlenecks as soon as problems are detected or when programmed thresholds are exceeded.  With Quality of Experience tracking and automated alerts, customer experience can be optimized while managing costs as well as business rules.

Deploy Globally


No single CDN is ideal for all markets.  As your streaming business broadens across regions, the ability to distribute and route traffic is key to a high quality experience. With SmartRoute, CDNs can be added, and evaluated, with ease.

Mid-Stream Switching


SmartRoute has the ability to perform both start of stream optimization, choosing the most optimal CDN as well as mid-stream switching. Backed with real-time data from SmartSight Analytics, players are able to switch to a different CDN mid-stream thus maintaining the viewing experience and preventing buffering issues and crashes.

How smartroute multi CDN routine works?


improve customer's quality of OTT viewing experience

Improve the Customer's Quality of Experience

Instantly re-route viewers to the best CDN based on detailed and real-time insight to ensure the most consistent viewing experience.

get in-depth insights into your video delivery

Alerts and Insights

Provide in-depth insights into your video delivery, as well as immediate notification of issues in the delivery ecosystem.

flexible rules engine for better OTT analytics

Flexible Rules Engine

Create rules based on many dimensions including Content, ISP, Geo, Time-of-day, Commit-levels, and much more.

Leverage API’s and SDK for intelligent multi-cdn routing

Lightweight Player Integration

Leverage API’s and SDK that support all leading commercial and open-source media players on a wide variety of platforms.

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