SmartSight Analytics

In-depth analysis of OTT TV service, audience engagement and QoE


Operational and Business Intelligence


MediaMelon SmartSight is a dynamic real-time streaming video analytics solution that provides actionable monitoring and deep analysis of streaming performance and video usage for the marketing, operations, and engineering teams.

SmartSight gives video service providers a clear picture of how OTT TV services are viewed, both in terms of actual usage and streaming performance.

Integrated with QBR SmartStreaming and SmartRoute from MediaMelon OR as a stand-alone streaming video Analytics service, SmartSight offers both immediate operational monitoring and deep business intelligence. SmartSight provides a dashboard view of customer engagement, quality of experience and alerts for streaming


Built-in Dashboards with Additional Controls

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SmartSight comprises of customizable modules that offer complementary information, built-in dashboards with additional controls – to generate macro view of an OTT service and be able to zoom into specific streaming sessions or individual viewers. MediaMelon Video Analytics helps you find actionable data in the heap of collected streaming and audience metrics and pinpoint issues that require your attention.

What problems can you solve with SmartSight?

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Artificial Intelligence based Alerts to help you catch issues in your system before the end-user notices them

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Gain actionable data on your audience, Ad analytics with precise playback information aimed at helping you maximize profits and engagement.

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Accurate per-session subscriber information to help you resolve issues and increase QoE

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Track all important QoE KPIs in realtime and monitor the health of your system

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Ability to slice and dice your data with advanced tools to get you the data when you need it.

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Accurate audience information to help you be proactive and reduce churn.



Marketing Planning

Macro Level - Insights, analysis, planning

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Content Type

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Device/OS type



Micro Level - Troubleshooting, Support

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Subscriber & session based drill-down

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Ad Sales

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Optimize ad placement and viewership