SmartSightTM Streaming Video Analytics Real-time QOE measurement and intelligence for streamed content

Rapidly resolve OTT & CTV content playback experience issues

MediaMelon SmartSight is a real-time, anomaly detection based analytics solution that immediately provides actionable intelligence with the root cause of video playback experience issues.  Rapidly resolve issues to improve viewer experience, satisfaction and churn while also reducing. abandonment and viewer churn.


Automated Improvement

Actionable insight that gets to the root cause immediately.  Reduce the time to resolution and therefore impact to your viewers.  Analytics that Act with SmartPlay!

Trusted Intelligence

Measure everything, everywhere, all of the time.  Trusted by OTT & Content providers across the globe for business critical intelligence.

Simple Deployment

Rapidly improve content experiences with our trusted and easy to deploy API and SDK solutions.  We take the hard work away from measurement and ensure integrity.

Product Overview

Learn how SmartSight Analytics provides deep insights and operational intelligence in real-time to improve and super-charge streaming performance.

Case Study

Learn how SmartSight Analytics helps global SVOD service provider Eros Now increase their free-user to paying-subscriber conversation rates; commission new content that really appeals and deliver the highest possible QoE.

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Supercharged Performance

SmartSight’s purpose-built architecture and advanced platform design ensure that performance is:


We process complex multi-dimensional queries in record time to provide true real-time analytics


Our stateless architecture allows ingestion and processing of data from sources other than the media player for truly flexible analysis delivering maximum value


Built on a highly scalable architecture that automatically measures your viewers changing consumption behaviours.

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SmartPlay StreamingTM

MediaMelon SmartPlay uses perceptual video quality information to enhance the playback performance of all types of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming.

Perfect the

OTT User Experience

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