SmartSightTM Video Analytics

Real-time QOE measurement and intelligence for streamed content

OTT Quality of Experience Insights

MediaMelon SmartSight is a real-time predictive analytics solution that provides actionable insights related to audience engagement, streaming performance and automated playback optimization for use by marketing, engineering, operations and customer support teams within OTT service providers.

Truly Understand the User Experience

SmartSight Analytics provides OTT service providers with comprehensive insights into exactly how their services are being consumed by their customers, and an extremely detailed analysis of every user’s experience. While most service providers understand just how pivotal user experience is when trying to establish a successful OTT business, few have real visibility in to the performance of their platform. In order to improve something, first you need to measure it, and we can help you do just that. Our fast, flexible, scalable and robust solution can deliver a comprehensive set of usage and QoE insights into your OTT service. Understand your business like never before with SmartSight Analytics.


Understand the customer Quality of Experience

you are delivering to ensure that engagement in your platform continues to grow and that churn is kept to a minimum

Understand what your Customers are Doing

by analyzing viewership trends so you can identify both power users and potential churners

Understand how your Content is Performing

by discovering what your customers do and do not like so that you make informed entertainment investment decisions

Understand how your Advertising is Performing

by collecting information on ad delivery effectiveness, and making sure that it is not negatively impacting the customer experience.

Enhance the efficiency of your Operations

by using real-time insights in to the viewing sessions of individual subscribers

Get Information your way

with customizable data filters, queries, and information dashboards; as well as support for the import of your own datasets, and export of information to your own data-lake

Stable and Lightweight Player Integration

via API or SDK with support for all leading commercial and open-source media players on a wide variety of platforms

Detailed KPI Dashboard

Supercharged Performance

SmartSight’s modern architecture and advanced platform design ensure that performance is:


We can process even the most complex historical multi-dimensional queries in record time; do not need to place constraints on our customers on how data queries need to be structured; and can provide true real-time analytics performance with minimum delay


Our stateless architecture allows us to ingest and process data from sources other than the media player, and to enable our customers to perform analytics on historical data even when the analytics parameters were not defined at the time of data collection


This parameter was at the core of our design process, and we have created an architecture that can scale the number of customers; the number of users; the volume of data collected and processed; the number of analytics queries made; and the number of API calls; all without significantly impacting system performance


Our stateless architecture allows the platform to be self-healing and extremely robust, as all communications between the server and client are self-contained. This means that in the event of server-client communications interruption there is no state information that needs to be reconciled at the server

Subscriber Dashboard

Modular Architecture

SmartSight Analytics is modular. It is based around a core platform to which optional modules can be added to provide deeper insights in to specific operational areas:

Core Analytics Platform

Provides all of the core functionality that anyone using an OTT video platform would need. It supports data collection, processing and analytics across a wide range of data points, with a high level of base performance and a broad feature set.

Subscriber Insights Module

Provides deep insights in to the viewership trends of an individual subscriber and / or a customer-defined group of subscribers. It will tell you how eng aged every user is with you OTT platform.

Content Insights Module

Provides deep insights into the popularity and performance of the individual entertainment assets available on your platform, and allows you to determine how certain content types appeal to certain subscriber types.

Advertising Insights Module

Provides deep insights into the performance of advertising campaigns on your platform, providing visibility of the success of individual ad events, ad campaigns as well monitoring key QoS metrics for ad playback.

Operational Insights Module

Provides real-time insights into the viewing sessions of individual subscribers so that the trouble-shooting capabilities of your operational and customer support teams can be enhanced.

Product Overview

Learn more about how SmartSight Analytics provides deep insights and operational intelligence in real-time to improve and super-charge streaming performance.

Case Study

Learn how SmartSight Analytics helped global SVOD service provider Eros Now increase their free-user to paying-subscriber conversation rate; commission new content that would really appeal to those customers; and to deliver the highest possible QoE.

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