SmartSight for Ads TMReal-Time Video Ad Analytics

Improve video ad monetization with SmartSight for Ads™

MediaMelon’s SmartSight for Ads  is a real-time, anomaly-detection based point of failure analytics solution for video ads to improve their monetization.  Rapidly identify and resolve delivery, creative and performance issues with actionable intelligence to increase impressions, fill-rates and yields across client-side, server-side and dynamic ad insertion implementations.  


Rapid Issue Resolution

Identify and resolve creative, performance and QoE issues immediately when they occur.  The provision of real-time, anomaly detection-based alerting with point-of-failure analysis ensures viewing experiences constantly delight.

Improve Monetization

Rapid resolution of ad experience issues, as well as reduction of ad fraud and blocking result in improved engagement, playing times and increased ad impressions.  Maximimize your monetization goals.

Easy Configuration

MediaMelon provide certified libraries for rapid deployment to generate insight you can trust. MediaMelon have integrations with all leading commercial and open-source players.  

Take the first step to improving the monetization of your ads. Contact us for more information and a demonstration.

Product Overview

Learn more about how SmartSight for Ads helps improve the monetization of your OTT service.

smart sight ads

analytics for OTT and CTV based online video streaming services

SmartSight AnalyticsTM

MediaMelon SmartSight QoE is a real-time predictive analytics solution that provides actionable insight and deep analysis of video usage and streaming performance.

SmartSight Analytics

Perfect the OTT User Experience

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