SmartSight for Ads TMReal-Time Video Ad Analytics

Improve Ad Monetization with Data Driven, Real-Time Analytics

Improve video ad monetization with SmartSight for Ads to increase fill-rates and yields while reducing ad-related issues.   Ad failures and delivery issues often go unnoticed due to the complex infrastructure and ecosystem involved.  These issues cause reduced monetization because fewer ad impressions are being successfully served and is compounded by a reduction in viewing experience leading to content abandonment and viewer churn.

MediaMelon’s SmartSight for Ads  leverages real-time, granular delivery and performance insights from the player, to enable the rapid resolution of ad ecosystem issues ensuring that ad inventory is monetized.   New ad strategies and opportunities can be identified to further increase monetization from the powerful multi-dimensional insights capability that is provided.


Rapid Issue Resolution

Every ad from every viewing session is measured in real time from the request to the completion of the ad.  Our real-time, anomaly detection-based alerting with point-of-failure analysis helps reduce the time to resolution.

Break Down Data and Insight Silos

Measure content and ads performance side by side in one solution to assess the impact of poor creative performance as well as content consumption as both are related.

Easily Configurable

Our unique integration process ensures ad measurement is rapidly deployed, as well as tested to generate insight you can trust. MediaMelon have integrations with all leading commercial and open-source players.

Identify Lost Monetization Opportunities

Perform root cause and multi-dimensional analysis of ad performance, efficiency and quality in one solution to pinpoint where lost monetization opportunities stem from.

Identify New Monetization Opportunities

Understand Content engagement side by side with ads, to define and identify new opportunities for ad monetization, based on a complete understanding of the playback experience, including content playback.

Reduce Churn and Drive Engagement

Improving the ad experience with accurate, trusted and real-time insight maximizes the potential to reduce viewer loss and churn as well as improve engagement to deliver on monetization goals.

Measure Viewers’ Experience in the Video Player

SmartSight for Ads measures ad breaks as well as individual client-side and server-side inserted ads from the player, obtaining the most accurate insight into the end-viewer experience. MediaMelon’s real-time measurement starts right from the ad request and continues through to ad completion, providing granular, segment-level detail on the ad-playback quality of experience (QoE), ad performance, and ad creative in order to help drive viewer engagement and improve monetization.

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