SmartViewer InsightTMMeasuring all your content, everywhere

Is your content placement and marketing strategy working?

SmartViewer Insight answers key questions about who, what, where, when and how people are consuming your content. Understand total consumption and engagement with combined insight from owned and operated platforms as well as social media.  Inform marketing strategy through data driven insight that successfully drives consumption across all the viewer touch-points of your service offering.


Personalize Viewing Experiences

Actionable insight that gets to the root cause immediately.  Reduce the time to resolution and therefore impact to your viewers.  Analytics that Act with SmartPlay!

Maximize Reach

The 360-degree view of consumption

across all platforms enables the

discovery and refinement of content

placement strategies to increase reach

and ensure your content is where your

viewers are.

Increase Engagement

Use powerful segmentation to

proactively identify at risk viewers and

subscribers to inform engagement

and retention strategies.

Product Overview

Learn how MediaMelon SmartViewer Insight enables you to attract, engage and retain your audiences from actionable insight across social media as well as owned and operated properties.


Case Study

Learn how SmartSight Analytics helps global SVOD service provider Eros Now increase their free-user to paying-subscriber conversation rates; commission new content that really appeals and deliver the highest possible QoE.

Contact us to discuss how SmartViewer Insight improves viewer engagement and marketing return-on-investment

SmartPlay StreamingTM

MediaMelon SmartPlay uses perceptual video quality information to enhance the playback performance of all types of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming.

Perfect the

OTT User Experience

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