Intelligence and Optimization Solutions for OTT & CTV Online Video Platforms

MediaMelon perfects the playback experience of OTT and CTV based online video streaming services, through constant measurement, analysis and automated optimization of content and ads.

Solutions for Online Video Platforms

Solutions for Online Video Platforms

Online Video Platforms

Online Video Platform (OVP) providers need to offer a fully-featured, flexible video delivery solution that will meet the needs of a wide array of different clients, many with unique requirements. SmartSight Analytics can provide comprehensive video insights for all of your clients or just those which need advanced features that your existing solution may not support. SmartPlay Streaming can ensure you deliver the highest possible QoE and reduce your delivery costs, giving you a competitive advantage. Both solutions can overlay easily on to your existing platform with minimal integration effort.

analytics for OTT and CTV based online video streaming services

SmartSight AnalyticsTM

MediaMelon SmartSight QoE is a real-time predictive analytics solution that provides actionable insight and deep analysis of video usage and streaming performance.

SmartSight Analytics

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