Intelligence and Optimization Solutions for Virtual MVPD Services

MediaMelon perfects the playback experience of OTT and CTV based online video streaming services, through constant measurement, analysis and automated optimization of content and ads.

Solutions for Virtual MVPD Services

Solutions for Virtual MVPD Services

Virtual MVPD Services

Virtual MVPD service providers must ensure that the user experience they deliver can match that of the traditional MVPD services consumers have been using for years. They also need true real-time visibility in to the QoE performance of their platform. SmartSight Analytics uses perceptual video quality information to provide the most detailed insights possible in to the user experience for each and every one of your customers. SmartSight Streaming can enhance the performance of your ABR deliver to reduce buffering incidents, improve video quality during complex scenes, and increase the overall perceptual quality of your live and on demand video content.

analytics for OTT and CTV based online video streaming services

SmartSight AnalyticsTM

MediaMelon SmartSight QoE is a real-time predictive analytics solution that provides actionable insight and deep analysis of video usage and streaming performance.

SmartSight Analytics

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