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All types of OTT and CTV Streaming Service Providers

MediaMelon perfects the playback experience of OTT and CTV based online video streaming services, through constant measurement, analysis and automated optimization of content and ads.  Our intelligence platform fully meets the needs of solutions providers, including broadcasters, AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, MVPD’s, OVP’s and OTT integrators.

Solutions for OTT and CTV providers 

Online Video Platforms

Online Video Platform (OVP) providers need to offer a fully-featured, flexible video delivery solution that meets the needs of a wide array of different clients, many with unique requirements. SmartSight and SmartSight for Ads provides comprehensive intelligence for all of your OTT and CTV platforms. SmartPlay Streaming ensures the delivery of the highest possible QoE and reduced delivery costs, giving competitive advantage. Both solutions easily overlay the existing platform infrastructure with minimal integration effort.

SVOD, AVOD and TVOD Services

Subscription, advertising or transaction based Video on Demand service providers need to deliver the highest possible Quality of Experience in order to ensure continued customer loyalty.  They must have complete visibility of how content and advertising is being consumed by their viewers.  SmartPlay Streaming ensures the delivery of the highest possible QoE across all devices, while also reducing the cost of delivery.  SmartSight QoE and SmartSight for Ads provide complete visibility across the business with real-time and critical insights to ensure successful service monetiaztion.

Broadcaster Direct-to-Consumer Services

Content owners launching direct-to-consumer services need to deliver a customer experience that is outstanding in every way, and make the best possible use of the subscriber data that the direct customer relationship can now provide.  SmartPlay Streaming enhances the performance of standard ABR streaming protocols to help ensure that the quality of experience for subscribers matches the expectations set by traditional broadcast delivery. SmartSight Analytics constantly collects and analyzes internet-delivered video services in real-time across all devices to provide a complete view.  SmartSight for Ads complements this further, ensuring that monetization of the broadcasted content is maximized.

TV Everywhere

MVPDs and broadcasters delivering content over the internet to mobile devices need to make sure that they deliver the same high quality of experience as they do on their TV platforms. They also need to understand exactly how customers are using and enjoying these offerings. SmartPlay Streaming ensures that the playback experience delights through automatic perceptive viewing optimization, even though they don’t control the delivery network. SmartSight Analytics continuously monitors quality of experience to ensure that the delivery of the brand experience is as your customers expect.

OTT System Integrators

System integrators who architect OTT content delivery solutions need to partner with vendors who provide the most comprehensive set of functionality and whose products can be integrated quickly and easily in to a wide array of system components. SmartSight Analytics and SmartPlay Streaming share common technology, including a player API / SDK that supports all of the commonly used media players, and an AWS-based cloud implementation that can integrate with any headend architecture. These components provide full video analytics and insights capabilities, as well as the ability to help your customers enhance their subscriber QoE.

Virtual MVPD Services

Virtual MVPD service providers must ensure that the user experience they deliver can match that of the traditional MVPD services consumers have been using for years. They also need true real-time visibility in to the QoE performance of their platform. SmartSight Analytics uses perceptual video quality information to provide the most detailed insights possible in to the user experience for each and every one of your customers. SmartPlay Streaming enhances the performance of ABR delivery to reduce buffering incidents, improve video quality during complex scences, and increase the overall perceptual quality of live and on demand video content.

analytics for OTT and CTV based online video streaming services

SmartSight AnalyticsTM

MediaMelon SmartSight QoE is a real-time predictive analytics solution that provides actionable insight and deep analysis of video usage and streaming performance.

SmartSight Analytics

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