MediaMelon’s mission is to help media companies perfect the OTT user experience they deliver so they can create a global entertainment service that their subscribers will love to watch. We have spent years developing the core technologies required to make this happen and have been awarded 30 patents for video quality enhancement, intelligent content routing, and advanced analytics.

Video Quality Measurement

MediaMelon’s patented QBR Technology supports the ability to generate perceptual video quality information from compressed streams. Unlike similar technologies such as VMAF we do not need to perform a before and after comparison to generate the data. QBR allows us to generate Mean Opinion Score information (iMOS™ data) simply through analysis of the encoded data streams or files. We can perform the analysis much faster than real-time, allowing us to support live streams and to process existing video file libraries very rapidly. This video quality information enables our analytics and streaming products to provide insights and enhancements to the users’quality of experience.

Content-Aware Streaming

All of the ABR formats commonly used for OTT streaming force media players to select the highest bitrate that can be downloaded on the network. They have no knowledge of the video quality associated with each of the bitrates that are available. QBR enables us to enhance ABR streaming by making the media players content-aware, able to select bitrates based on both video quality and available network bandwidth. Our streaming solution helps maintain a uniform video quality level, greatly reduces the likelihood of video rebuffering, typically reduces network bandwidth by around 35%, and does not require any changes to be made to the encoding platform. products to provide insights and enhancements to the users’ quality of experience.

Data Analytics

MediaMelon has developed advanced data processing pipelines which can aggregate data from several millions of concurrent playback sessions and use it to create and deliver real-time actionable insights to our customers. Our databases have been optimized so that the needle in the haystack can be found in seconds rather than minutes. We can collect data from the entire video workflow: from encoders, the CDN and the media players to provide a holistic view of the entire streaming experience.

Media Player Integration

In order to provide the QoE insights and enhancements not available in standard ABR streaming solutions we need to add an SDK to the media players used in our customers’ networks. Our SDK is quick and easy to integrate, and we have put a lot of engineering effort in to ensuring that this SDK will not need to be upgraded once integrated, even as we add more functionality to our platform. Once the initial integration is performed, it is complete. And the single SDK supports all of the OTT streaming products in our portfolio, allowing customers to add functionality without additional integration effort.

QBR White Papers

These two White Papers outline the benefits and assess the performance of our QBR enabled SmartPlay Streaming solutioncompared to standard ABR streaming.


QBR Benefits

Compared to ABR


QBR Performance

Compared to ABR

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