Content Aware Streaming

Along with the rapid growth in popularity of streaming, consumers are demanding broadcast quality performance from their video services. MediaMelon’s groundbreaking, patented QBR video technology is the ideal solution to improve the quality of streaming video while more intelligently managing bandwidth consumption to keep costs at reasonable levels. Using high-speed perceptual analysis of live and on-demand video, QBR allocates the right bitrate to every segment of the video so that quality can be improved while streaming costs are kept under control.


Improve Video Quality

Streaming services compete on quality and cost, and using QBR, a video service can improve the consumer experience without increasing streaming cost. Using perceptual analysis and playback buffer management, QBR reduces visible artifacts and quality fluctuations by up to 80% in all bandwidth conditions. This analysis also allows bandwidth and buffer capacity to be re-allocated to the most complex scenes, getting rid of artifacts in the most dramatic moments.


Lower Streaming Costs

As consumption increases, streaming services need to keep CDN bills under control.  There are several options to address this, but most require costly costly codec upgrades or degrading video quality. MediaMelon QBR can reduce Live and VoD bandwidth use by 35% without changing encoders or re-encoding content libraries. Since QBR uses state-of-the-art content-aware optimization, the visual quality of the video will typically be better than it was with unoptimized adaptive bitrate streaming.


Monitor Content Distribution and Quality of Service

The costs and effort of streaming content is wasted if the end consumer experience is poor. Bottlenecks in the distribution chain or at regional CDNs can cause customer frustration. MediaMelon’s SmartSight and SmartRoute products let streaming service providers monitor video and audience metrics to quickly make business and technical decisions. SmartRoute will even automatically act on detected problems and route content through different paths. All of these services let content platform providers improve their services and demonstrate added value to their customers.

Seamlessly Upgrade Existing Workflows

MediaMelon solutions can upgrade video streaming services without replacing content or equipment. QBR streaming optimization uses the same encoders, players and asset libraries, just adding metadata to optimize adaptive bitrate streaming in all the popular formats.

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