Why QoE & Ad Optimization Matters?

Jun 3, 2021Case Study

Why QoE & Ad Optimization Matters?

A+E Networks Integrates MediaMelon

In today’s video streaming landscape – whether it’s gaming apps or over-the-top (OTT) services – it’s essential to deliver premium Quality of Experience (QoE). At MediaMelon, our solutions focus on giving users a high-caliber product experience. This entails offering the ability to monitor and understand the perceived QoE of users in real-time.

“The ability to gain granular insights across both content and ads was imperative, however, so was the ability to analyze them jointly as well as separately from within a single solution.”

~ John Cool, Vice President, Digital Media, A+E Networks, New York.

Integrating SmartSight QoE and SmartSight Ads

With A+E Networks, a joint venture between Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company, MediaMelon SmartSight captures insights across both content and ads. A+E streams several popular content including A&E, HISTORY, Lifetime, LMN, FYI, ViceTV, and BIOGRAPHY. A+E is present in seven out of ten American homes, and cumulatively reaches 335 million people worldwide and 500+ million digital users.

A+E Networks’ streaming application works on various platforms and CTV devices such as Roku and FireTV. So, measuring QoE data accurately and normalizing that across different platforms and devices, helps draw conclusions on how exactly users engage with the platform, and this is key to QoE and ad optimization.

By integrating SmartSight QoE and SmartSight Ads into their application, streaming publishers can gain granular insights on how users engage with different content, identify errors and issues in real-time, and dive deeper into ad performance.

How MediaMelon’s Solution is Helping A+E Networks?

Before they had MediaMelon, A+E Networks had challenges in continually understanding and measuring streaming and advertising data in real-time. With several streaming assets, CDNs, and a complex ad-tech stack, monitoring user engagement had become more complicated.

With increasingly fierce competition, A+E Networks turned to a video intelligence and analytics partner – so they can:

  • Understand how users perceive and engage with different content,
  • Reduce the number of errors by quickly identifying and fixing them,
  • Increase revenue by optimizing their ads (display position, time, duration, etc)

By using SmartSight QoE and SmartSight Ads, A+E Networks now has increased visibility of their user data and is able to easily implement effective strategies that would increase engagement, drive more ad revenue and improve their Quality of Experience (QoE).

Our solutions are designed to address specific challenges and help our customers achieve their goals.

For instance, the A+E Networks’ Media services team was not aware of an issue with an advertising server that was generating a high ad failure rate.

Using MediaMelon’s SmartSight Ads, they were able to drill down to the issue. Once identified, our team helped them resolve ad errors to ensure it doesn’t impact the QoE and boost ad revenue as well.

Additionally, there were issues related to the same ad playing from different ad sources within the same session. MediaMelon helped them understand ad frequency, ad repeats and offered actionable insights into increasing ad fill rate, by determining issues that were affecting their ad revenue.

Ad Optimization on Video Streaming Applications

Are you fully monetizing your inventory?

Ad revenue often is one of the highest contributors to the revenue of video streaming platforms, and so it’s important to optimize the ads on your application for best performance.

This includes:

  • Measuring ad fill rate – ad impressions that are played back successfully,
  • Identifying the best ad positions – pre-, mid-, and post-rolls.
  • Tracking Ad pods and analyzing their performance – multiple ad insights,
  • Ad engagement – the no. of times users skip, click, block ads.

With SmartSight Ads, video streaming platforms can easily leverage usable data and dive into how ads are performing.

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Future of Video Streaming Intelligence

When you spend millions of dollars to build a video streaming platform there are certain things you need to take care of – your user engagement, ad performance, and Quality of Experience (QoE).

As A+E continues to use MediaMelon’s SmartSight solutions, the combination of automation and smart analytics measurement empowers the A+E application to offer the best QoE to viewers while improving ad performance and increasing ad revenue.

Using SmartSight QoE and SmartSight Ads, video streaming platforms like A+E Networks can:

  • gain real-time user data to improve engagement
  • identify and fix improvements across channels
  • drive Content and Ad roadmaps using comprehensive insights
  • optimize your platform for scalability and speed
  • draw on usable data to optimize ads and increase ad revenue

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