Perfecting the

OTT User Experience

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Maximize the success of your OTT Streaming service by measuring, enhancing and protecting the quality of the user experience you deliver to every one of your customers


SmartSight Analytics

Measure the QoE you are delivering to your users, and gain actionable data on each and every customer using your platform.

SmartPlay Streaming

Enhance the QoE you are delivering to your users using advanced streaming methods, while reducing delivery and storage costs by 35%.

SmartRoute Multi-CDN

Protect the QoE you are delivering to your users and reduce delivery costs, by combining multiple CDNs in to a single, robust delivery platform.


Three Content-Aware User Experience Capabilities

Accessible Through a Single SDK Integration  


MediaMelon believes that OTT Streaming is the Future of Television.  Our mission is to help operators perfect the OTT user experience to help ensure their migration to internet-delivery is successful.  Our products bridge the gap between the OTT headend and the media player, and support advanced analytics, streaming and multi-CDN capabilities.  We use perceptual visual quality techniques to provide our customers with better data insights, and to deliver the optimum visual experience for each and every one of their customers.