Complete streaming analytics platform to drive
viewer experience higher engagement viewer satisfaction higher ad revenue

Cutting-edge streaming analytics to drive higher viewer engagement, optimize advertising ROI, and ensure seamless content delivery.

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by the world’s top video-first companies

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Unlock streaming success with actionable insights

Deliver superior streaming experiences by leveraging real-time actionable insights and take data backed decisions.

Drive viewer engagement with superior QoE

Continuously track every aspect of the end-user streaming experience and enhance viewer engagement, optimize delivery, and target the right audience.

  • Understand viewer behavior with in-depth analysis to tailor content and improve engagement.
  • Deliver a remarkable streaming experience, enhancing the overall viewer satisfaction score.
  • Access real-time data to quickly respond to streaming anomalies before they affect the majority of users.

Boost advertising ROI

Optimize your ad delivery, monetize your first-party data, and maximize revenue with comprehensive analytics and insights from MediaMelon.

  • Track ad viewability, visualize failures, and optimize content strategies based on user behavior.
  • Gain insights into ad performance with detailed reports and dashboards on ad delivery.
  • Utilize viewer behavioral and interaction data to continuously improve ad strategy and placement.

actionable insights

Unlock a deeper understanding of your viewers and proactively address streaming challenges with our sophisticated AI engine that delivers actionable analytics to optimize the QoE.

  • AI-powered user segmentation and journey analysis to personalize experiences.
  • Identify binge-watching patterns for strategic content planning.
  • Make smarter decisions with user cohort analysis and comprehensive streaming analytics.

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Customizable dashboards

Tailor your journey towards QoS perfection with customizable dashboards, and focus on your most important KPIs. Whether it's user engagement metrics or content consumption patterns, our customizable dashboard allows you to keep track of all of it.

Proactive error mitigation

Gain proactive insights and use AI-driven predictive analytics for error mitigation before impacting your audience.

Personalized priority support

Experience priority support and personalized migration assistance, meticulously tailored to meet your business needs.

Impact stories from around the globe


Telecine reduced data usage by 42% and enhanced viewer experience with SmartPlay™, achieving higher quality and lower costs.

Telecine Case Study

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    A+E Networks

    A+E Networks resolved high ad failure rates and optimized ad revenue by identifying critical issues, ensuring seamless ad delivery and improved fill rates.

    A+E Networks Case Study

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      Zype enhanced its video analytics capabilities and improved viewer experience by integrating martSight, enabling actionable data insights and robust streaming performance for its clients.

      Zype Case Study

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        Fix issues before they impact viewers and cause churn

        Get in touch with our experts for custom solutions and pricing, and elevate your end-user viewing experience.

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